Famous Characters

Here are some of the lines Fantasy World has to purchase . We always try to keep a wide range of lines in our stores , but it would be impossible for us to stock every style in every size in each shop - if you live close to one of our stores , please call in for a browse , HOWEVER if you've seen a specific costume you'd like you are best to order it on line . Once you have placed an order on line , you will receive an email within 24hr confirming availability and giving you a delivery date .We pride ourselves on fast shipping with most orders being delivered within 2-3 days .
Batman Suit - Muscle Chest rtl-batman  Batman Suit - Muscle Chest 45.00
118 Man - "Got your number "sm-33322118 Man - "Got your number "17.00
80's Boy George funsh-239580's Boy George 32.00
Adorable Alice wkd-2136Adorable Alice 28.00
Ali - g sm-21843Ali - g 59.99
Alice in Wonderland sm-33016Alice in Wonderland 25.00
Andy Pandy pms-apandAndy Pandy 40.00
Bananaman sm28082Bananaman 45.00
Baywatch Guy / Lifeguard sm-36584Baywatch Guy / Lifeguard 27.00
BeetleJuice palm-3170BeetleJuice 35.00
Big Bird - Sesame Street sm-32994Big Bird - Sesame Street 55.00
Black Lycra style Catsuitmgc-blackcatsuitBlack Lycra style Catsuit28.00