A FAMILY RUN BUSINESS  – Established back in 1974, my Grandfather was an estate agent who took a batch of theatre costumes in lieu of rent from a hard up actor . These costumes were laundered and put on a rail in the corner of his office , an advert was placed in the Evening Press and after an incredible 400 reply’s FANTASY WORLD was born.  

I took the business over from my grandparents as soon as I left School , FANTASY WORLD is not just “work” to us , its a way of life – a fun place to be and its great to see people getting into a party mood .

As proprietor of Fantasy World – I like to know we are “doing our best” and can always be contacted directly , with any comments / complains / suggestions – my direct email is heavyheaven@yahoo.co.uk

I do get requests daily from charities , as fundraising events often involve fancy dress . Rather than pick and choose between the good causes we offer a standard Charity discount to EVERY  charity , and I will always do my best to help – again please email me with your requirements .

I thank you for your time ,
Justin Heaven

Justin hEAVEN
CEO / Founder

Yes , this is my real name !! (mother did a lot of drugs in the 1970’s )

Head of the business –
Please feel free to contact me

Shop Manager

Robert has a degree in Costume & Set design and is in charge of the Shop Floor – he’s here to help with all your costume questions

Julia Wood

You’ll find me in the office – under a pile of bills

The Pugs
Security & Customer Relations

Jasmine , Barclay & Trixie are our three Pugs – who although not on the shop floor they are always around the property – for a friendly stroke or to chase off shop lifters